Anthology: Deteriorate | CLOSED


The submission period for Deteriorate is now officially closed! We have been amazed by the quality of the work, and would like to thank everyone who shared their stories and talent with us. Anyone who did not get to submit a story for our anthology will have plenty of chances to in the future, as we will be continuing our publishing and already have plans for what we will be doing once Deteriorate is finished and available for purchase.

The theme for whimsically dark publishing’s maiden anthology is deteriorate. How you choose to interpret this theme and what you decide to do with it is entirely to your discretion. You may choose to explore the deterioration of body or mind, or the falling apart of a family or relationship. Or perhaps you’ll decide on a more literal approach, examining the deterioration of land, home, or property. So long as some element of deterioration is involved, you are free, and encouraged, to take your story in any direction you please. Our anthology, Deteriorate, will be published online and in print, and available for purchase.

There are no restrictions on genre or content. We look forward to receiving short stories of varying lengths and while there is no word count minimum or maximum, we prefer stories no longer than 8,000 words. We do ask that if anything graphic is included that it is done so meaningfully, and not gratuitously. We will only be accepting one submission from each writer, so please do not send us multiple. If you have more than one, we would ask that you choose whichever one you feel is most fitting for the theme of deterioration.

Submission & Entry Fee
There is no entry fee.                  

Publication & Compensation
Selected stories will be compiled into our anthology collection, Deteriorate, and will be published both in print and online, and will be available for purchase. Every writer included will also have the opportunity to include a short biography of themselves, including other works and contact information

All writers who have a story included in our published anthology will be paid $30. 

We hope to help everyone that submits their work by taking the time to read every story and give each writer sincere and honest feedback, as well as any advice we have to help them improve. We’ll be doing this for every story, whether or not it is included in the final anthology.

How To Submit
Please submit your story as a PDF attachment to
In the Subject of your email, please include: Deteriorate – Submission

July 1, 2018

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Please read our Terms & Conditions page before submitting