Anthology Submissions

The purpose of publishing our anthologies is simple: To discover the most imaginative and brilliantly written stories and compile them in a collection available to readers, literary agents, and publishers. We envision the anthology as an opportunity for emerging novelists to have their writing published, gain readership, and receive feedback and reviews.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our writers support and exposure in pursuing their dreams of writing, and in seeking an agent or publisher for their work.

Each anthology we publish will be themed and we will select the best and most unique interpretations of the theme. We will read every story we receive by the posted deadline and if your story is not selected, we will respond with honest feedback and advice, and encouragement to submit again.

Selected Stories
If your story is selected for the anthology, you will be notified by email. From that point onward we will maintain contact with you through email, throughout the editing and compilation process to the time of publication.
Each anthology will contain any offered biographical and contact information for the writers of the stories selected.

All anthologies will offer some sort of compensation for writers of selected stories.

While the main focus of the anthologies will always be getting the names and work of new talent out and into the literary world, we hope to one day be able to compensate every published writer appropriately, and we appreciate your understanding and patience until we get there!

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